The only three metrics you need to measure email deliverability

While there are many ways of measuring different aspects of an email campaign, there are really only three metrics you need to keep an eye on in order to understand the health of any campaign.

Metric #1 Delivery Rate

This is the amount of emails sent which were accepted by recipient servers.

How – (Total Email Sent minus Total Bounces) divided by Total Emails Sent and multiplied by 100

It’s the overall measure of deliverability health. You should be seeing a minimum of 95%. Lower values in a specific campaign might indicate issues with content while overall lower values probably indicate issues with list quality.

Metric #2 Complaint Rate

The number of complaints received though Feed Back Loops (FBLs) and via direct email.

How – Total Complaints divided by Total Emails Sent and multiplied by 100

At a campaign level this should typically move between 0% and 1%. Any higher value points to a significant problem with content or list quality. A consistent value of 0% combined with a low Delivery Rate might actually indicate large scale blocking by a mailbox provider – i.e. recipients do not see the mail so they do not complain.

Metric #3 Conversion Rate

The percentage of recipients who actually take the desired action on receipt of the email. This can be anything from booking an appointment to purchasing a product and does not need to be directly related to clicking on a link in the email.

How – Total successful actions completed divided by Total Emails Sent and multiplied by 100

What this value should be is specific to your business.

Do not confuse the Conversion Rate with the Click Through Rate which is a more general measure of how people interact with your email.

Bottom Line

Focus on these three metrics and you will understand the health of any email campaign. Every other metric, like Inbox Rate or Click Though Rate feeds into these core metrics.

If you would like to know more about measuring email campaign success, get in touch and we will send you our white paper on the subject.