Subscriber Permission and Email Deliverability Explained

Nowadays, permission has a direct relationship with deliverability so it is more important than ever that you seek clear permission before you subscribe people to your email newsletters.

Modern spam filters use machine learning and behavioural analytics to work out what their users think of the email they receive. That means that if enough users mark your mail as spam or just delete it without reading, then all of your mail, not just that campaign but all of it, will likely end up the spam folder for every recipient of that email provider.

Recovering from this type of deliverability issue can be challenging since existing recipients aren’t exactly complaining that they didn’t receive your newsletter since they didn’t really want it in the first place.

How do I get their permission?

Permission can’t be obtained via some clause buried in your terms and conditions or a pre-checked box when a customer buys a product from your site.

You need to be upfront about why you want their email address, what you are going to send them and how frequently.

Bottom Line

You can’t trick people into giving permission any more. You need to be upfront and honest.

Permission results in recipients reading and engaging with your brand.

Lack of permission results in your campaigns being flagged as spam.

It’s not rocket science.